True Abundance: Practices for Living from the Overflow (Audio book - CD set)

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By Michael Bernard Beckwith
On True Abundance, this visionary teacher offers practical guidance for overcoming the obstacles that give rise to the illusion of scarcity, Which limits our access to prosperity.  
Here he presents practices and techniques for inviting the flow of abundance into your life., including:
Strategies for changing your relationships with money-how to align your financial needs with your spiritual purpose.
Activating the Law of Circulation-how you can amplify your capacity for wealth through trust and generosity.
Five guided meditations for visioning your life's purpose, dissolving your fears around money, and turning your "body temple" into a vehicle for abundance. 
Open Your Life to the Flow of Genuine Wealth. 

Audio program - 2 CD set

Publisher: Sounds True (March 1, 2010)

Running Time: 2 and 1/4 hours